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  Tales from the Underground, vol.1 

  1. Blue Skies 
  2. Jersey Girl (alternate take) 
  3. Whistlin Past The Graveyard (alternate take) 
  4. Mr.Henry 
  5. Downtown Train (alternate take) 
  6. I'm Not Your Fool Anymore 
  7. Adios Lounge 
  8. Sea Of Love 
  9. Silent Night 
  10. Little Man 
  11. What Keeps Mankind Alive 
  12. The Dwarfs Machine Song 
  13. The Piano Has Been Drinking (live) 
  14. It's All Right With Me 
  15. Tommy The Cat 
  16. Fillipino Box Spring Hog 
  17. Live In Paris (Medely from: 16 Shells From A Thirty Ought Six/Rain Dogs/Tango Till They're Sore) and Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet 

  ημαχξαρ στςαξιγα  σσωμλι