Yesterday is here.


  1. Little Drop Of Poison 
  2. Walk Away 
  3. I'm Crazy About My Baby 
  4. Never Let Go Of Your Hand 
  5. Take Care Of All Of My Children 
  6. Heigh Ho 
  7. Fall Of Troy 
  8. It Rains On Me 
  9. Pearls In The Snow 
  10. Louise 
  11. Brother Can You Spare Me A Dime 
  12. Books Of Moses 
  13. Jersey Girl (duet with B.Springsteen) 
  14. Smugglers Waltz 
  15. Buzz Fledderjon 
  16. Do You Know What I Idi Amin 

  ημαχξαρ στςαξιγα  σσωμλι