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  Every Time I Hear This Melody 
  Live in Hamburg, 1977

  1. Spare Parts 
  2. Invitation To The Blues 
  3. Depot, Depot 
  4. The Piano Has Been Drinking 
  5. Pasties & A G-String 
  6. Step Right Up 
  7. Semi Suite 
  8. Fumblin' With The Blues 
  9. Midnight Lullaby 
  10. Emotional Weather Report 
  11. I Can't Wait To Get Off Work 
  12. New Coat Of Paint 
  13. Nobody But You 
  14. Diamonds On My Windshield 
  15. Every Time I Hear This Melody 
  16. The One That Got Away 

  ημαχξαρ στςαξιγα  σσωμλι