B-sides and Otherwise ::
Have a Lucky Day (live,"Super Sex" CD single)
All Wrong (live,"Honey White" CD single)
I Know You -- Part Two (live, "Honey White" CD Single)
Bo's Veranda (Get Shorty soundtrack)
Mile High (from the soundtrack, Things to Do in Denver when You're Dead)
Shame (from "Cure for Pain" CD Single)
Down Love's Tributaries (from "Cure for Pain" CD Single)
Kerouac (from tribute CD, KEROUAC: kicks joy darkness)
Pulled Over the Car (Japanese version of Yes)
Sundayafternoonweightlessness (from "Super Sex" CD single)
Mail (from compilation utstandingly Ignited -- Lyrics by Ernest Bookings, Vol, 4)
My Brain (from "Cure for Pain" CD Single)

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