Mills Brothers "1932-1934"
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   1. Put on Your Old Grey Bonnet
   2. Sleepy Head
   3. I've Found a New Baby
   4. Doin' the New Low Down (with Cab Calloway and Don Redman's Orchestra)
   5. Jungle Fever
   6. Diga, Diga, Do (with Duke Ellington and his Orchestra)
   7. Swing It, Sister
   8. My Honey's Loving Arms (with Bing Crosby)
   9. Dirt Dishin' Daisy
   10. Git Along
   11. I Can't Give Yoou Anything but Love
   12. Smoke Rings
   13. Fiddlin' Joe
   14. Money in My Pockets
   15. Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere
   16. That's Georgia
   17. Lazybones
   18. Out for No Good (with Dick Powell)